Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poets and Critics Respond to Fathers and Teachers

“Like Ted Kooser and Billy Collins, Demaree is able to present singular experiences with a startling reality that rings true. It is his mastery of voice and diction, of sentiment and reality that allows Demaree to balance the personal with the global and still retain the reader’s trust...his account personal and therefore, like the other poems in this collection, specific and wonderful.”—Jillian Bledsoe, author of Leaving Newfoundland and co-editor, Ghoti Magazine.

“Each poem is a sharply focused memento of an event, a person, a scene...with a reverence for creation and a mastery of syntax that turns colloquial English into something demanding further consideration and thereby acquiring poetic weight.”—John-Michael Albert, editor of 2008 Poet’s Guide to New Hampshire.

“Demaree’s poetry is quiet and unassuming...recording sounds, images and scents, in a clear, confident voice. His art is in presenting a briefly stable moment in delicate relief.”—Gordon Lang, Granite State News.

“Robert Demaree’s poems are resonant, witty and easy to love. His range of subjects brings life to every page.”—Janine Margiotta, author of One Hundred Black Birds and publisher/editor of Blackwidows Web of Poetry.

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